Trevor Reekie

Eclecticism is a mark of Trevor Reekie’s make-up. He's had a varied career in the music industry, as musician, radio and recording producer, music writer and record label owner.

As a musician, his first band performed what he now describes as “prog-punk”. He spent a year touring Europe with a theatre troupe, studying and playing renaissance instruments, played electronic music with Car Crash Set, spent almost a decade with singer-songwriter Greg Johnson, and is currently teamed with jazz enthusiast Tom Ludvigson. His interests as a producer and label owner follow a similar eclectic path.

Recording in the mid-1980s
Trevor Reekie with Jean-Luc Zuntini, Nice 1980
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection
Murray Cammick and Trevor Reekie at the Taite Awards, Auckland, 2021.
Photo credit: Peter McLennan
Trevor Reekie and Tom Ludvigson
Car Crash Set on the Breakdown video shoot - L to R: Nigel Russell, Sharon Tuapawa, David Bulog, Ryan Monga, Trevor Reekie, 1984
Photo credit: Nigel Russell collection
Trevor Reekie on the phone to a radio station in 1988 hustling for airplay. In the late 80s and early 90s Pagan had a string of No.1 and Top 20 hits.
Photo credit: Photo by Chris Bourke
Car Crash Set with Trevor Reekie, mid 1980s
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection
Trevor Reekie with Car Crash Set at Zanzibar, late 1983
The Cure with manager Chris Parry (left, ex-The Fourmyula), promoter Terry Condon (third from right) and Trevor Reekie (right) backstage at Auckland's Town Hall.
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection
New Zealand Musician, February 1990
Trevor Reekie in the early 1980s, during Reaction Records days
Tim Finn and Trevor Reekie at RNZ, Auckland, May 2023
Trevor Reekie's band Prometheus with Mother Goose, Dunedin, 1976
Pagan's Sheryl Morris and Trevor Reekie with Paul Ubana Jones
Car Crash Set, Auckland University Quad, 10 March, 1985. Trevor Reekie and Nigel Russell.
Photo credit: Photo by Dave Smith
The Greg Johnson Set at The Siren, 1989 - Nathan Haines, Greg Johnson, Trevor Reekie
Photo credit: Photo by Brigid Grigg-Eyley
Trevor Reekie on the Car Crash Set Breakdown video shoot, 1984
Trip To The Moon - Nigel Gavin, Jim Langabeer and Trevor Reekie
Trevor Reekie (right) and Kerry O'Connor
Trevor Reekie with Rip It Up's John Russell, 1998
Trevor Reekie and Nigel Russell with Car Crash Set
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection
Trip with Bobbylon and Peter Scott
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection
Trevor Reekie with lifelong friend Bruce Kirkland (left), the Auckland-born US music exec (Stiff Records and Capitol Records)
Trevor Reekie in London, 1980
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection
At the 1985 APRA Silver Scrolls - Trevor Reekie, Netherworld Dancing Toys (and later Sony Music exec) Malcolm Black and The Narcs' drummer Steve Clarkson
Car Crash Set: Simon Mark-Brown, Trevor Reekie, Ryan Monga, Nigel Russell, Dave Bulog, Radio With Pictures show, Quays, 1984
Trevor Reekie with Ray Columbus at the 1994 APRA Silver Scrolls
Trevor Reekie in the mid-1990s
Trevor Reekie on stage with Greg Johnson in the late 1990s
Trevor Reekie and Jean-Luc Zutini at Nice Art Gallery, 1980
Photo credit: Trevor Reekie collection

In 2013 Trevor won the NZ Radio Award for best produced music feature for Access All Areas: Tommy James & The Shondells

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