Straitjacket Fits

aka The Straitjackets, The Fits

Straitjacket Fits part 1

Straitjacket Fits formed out of the ashes of Doublehappys, the band fronted by Kaikorai Valley High classmates Shayne Carter and Wayne Elsey in the early 1980s, with Elsey's friend ...

Straitjacket Fits part 2

A return tour to the USA in 1991 led Straitjacket Fits to play at the New Music Seminar in New York. While that gig (a double bill) with The American Music Club went well, Carter co...

Jonathan Ganley's Straitjacket Fits images

Jonathan Ganley has been photographing New Zealand music since the 1980s. His work can be found here. – "Their brand of Pop is probably closest to the 60s psychedelic sound of the S...

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