aka PZ, James Meharry

Since the start of the 1990s Christchurch warehouse rave scene, James Meharry – also known as Pylonz – has repeatedly marked himself out within the NZ music industry through his vigorous work as a DJ, promoter, graphic designer, remixer, record label owner, radio station manager and sonic theorist.

Pylonz helped facilitate the local rise of electronic music through rave, jungle/ drum and bass, and soul and roots music. A crucial part of Christchurch's music scene for two decades, he has contributed stylistically to the evolution of music through his theorisation and development of the "3-Beat" micro-genre. More recently, Pylonz has been involved in vinyl record cutting and sleeve/jacket design and production as an art practice.

Pitch Black - Electronic Earth (Pylonz Remix)

Pylonz is the grandson of esteemed New Zealand landscape painter Doris Lusk (1916-1980), and the brother of 2013 World of Wearable Art supreme award winners Tatyanna and Natasha Meharry.


James Meharry - DJ, promoter, radio host, engineer


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