Nadia Reid

Like many sui generis local artists, Nadia Reid had to go overseas to gain recognition at home. From her first album onward, she was lauded by music magazines in the UK, while Billboard claimed she was “saving folk music”. Her music has rock elements too, but the folk tag captures how Reid purposefully tends towards simple chord structures then uses wordplay, atmosphere, and her masterful vocal delivery to express the story told in each song.

It was certainly folk music that got Reid started as a musician. Around the age of 15, she got her first guitar and began taking lessons with Bob Scott (The Bats). She began to attend the Whare Flat Folk Festival, which takes place on the days around New Year’s Eve not far from her home in Port Chalmers, Dunedin. Reid recalls one performance by Mahinaarangi Tocker at the festival, which proved there were local acts who could write and perform songs as powerful as those from overseas.

Nadia Reid, Preservation tour poster, 2017. 
Nadia Reid - Call the Days (2015)
Nadia Reid poster, 2012.
Nadia Reid - Listen to Formations, Look for the Signs (2014)
Nadia Reid.
Photo credit: Ebony Lamb
Nadia Reid - Reaching Through
Nadia Reid.
Photo credit: Alex Lovell-Smith
Nadia Reid poster, 2017.
Nadia Reid - The Arrow and the Aim (2017)
Nadia Reid - Richard (live on Later with Jools Holland, 26 September 2017)
Nadia Reid - Preservation (2017)
The Broken Heartbreakers, Nadia Reid and Flora Knight at Carey's Bay Hotel, December 2013
Nadia Reid - Oh Canada (2020)
Tour poster for Nadia Reid's first EP.
Nadia Reid.
Photo credit: Ebony Lamb
Nadia Reid, 2015.
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Nadia Reid - Out of My Province LP cover, 2020
Nadia Reid - Some Are Lucky
Nadia Reid in 2020.
Photo credit: Alex Lovell-Smith
Nadia Reid - Richard (2017)
Nadia Reid and Richie Pickard at Womad, 2019.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Nadia Reid - Oh Canada (RNZ Live, 5 March 2020)
Sam Taylor and Nadia Reid at the APRA Silver Scroll Awards, 2016.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Luckless – Ivy Rossiter and Nadia Reid – in 2013.
Photo credit: Publicity shot
Nadia Reid - Get the Devil Out (2020)
Nadia Reid - Letters I Wrote and Never Sent (2011)
Nadia Reid - Preservation (2017))
Nadia Reid, 2019.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Nadia Reid.
Photo credit: Alex Lovell-Smith
Nadia Reid - Preservation (2017)
Photo credit: Photo: Ebony Lamb
Nadia Reid, 2017
Lockdown singalong video: Nadia Reid & Reb Fountain, 2020

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Nadia Reid’s uncle is Sean O’Reilly from Flying Nun cult act, King Loser.

In 2019 Nadia Reid was a guest artist with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra for one of their NZ Mix Tape concerts at the Civic, Auckland, in a bill alongside Anna Coddington and Liam Finn.

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