Loves Ugly Children

In the early to mid 1990s, Christchurch was a city flush with guitar-driven groups marshalled on record by the short-lived Flat City Records and more comprehensively by Failsafe Records. Despite the flurry of live activity and some enduring recordings, few of the active groups transcended their spirited beginnings.

Fiery trio Loves Ugly Children, comprising Simon Maclaren (guitar, vocals), Angela “Floss” Leslie (bass, vocals) and Jason Young (drums, vocals), were the most prominent and enduring group on the rising scene.

Loves Ugly Children's Stagger cassette released by Rob Mayes' Faisafe Records in 1989 featured the original quartet lineup of Simon Maclaren, Angela Leslie, Scott McArthur and Simon Crockett
Loves Ugly Children: Simon Maclaren, Angela "Floss" Leslie and Jason Young
Loves Ugly Children 1995: Simon Maclaren, Jason Young and Angela Leslie
Photo credit: Photo by Mark Swadel
Love's Ugly Children in London: Jason Young, Simon Maclaren and Angela "Floss" Leslie
Motorcycle Girl - live at The Powerstation, Auckland, 1996/7
Loves Ugly Children at Warners, Christchurch 1991
Angela ‘Floss’ Leslie
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
The August 1993 Purge CD EP on Christchurch indie Flat City Recordings, recorded in 1992
Voodoo Girl
Love's Ugly Children: Jason Young, Simon Maclaren and Angela "Floss" Leslie
Loves Ugly Children pre-UK tour, 1995: Jason Young, Angela Leslie and Simon Maclaren
Photo credit: Photo by Mark Swadel
Love's Ugly Children, Intravene magazine 
Personal World
A Flying Nun publicity shot of Love's Ugly Children: Angela "Floss" Leslie, Simon Maclaren and Jason Young
Interview with Simon McLaren and Jason Young from Loves Ugly Children, 20 October 1994. Directed by Ross Cunningham.
Loves Ugly Children 1995 promo shot: Angela Leslie, Simon Maclaren and Jason Young
Avalanche - The Christchurch E.P. Compilation

Flat City Recordings

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Paul Reid was later a cast member on Shortland Street


Simon Maclaren - guitar, vocals

Angela Leslie - bass

Scott McArthur

Simon Crockett

Gregg Cairns - drums

Jason Young - drums

Paul Reid - drums

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