Future Stupid

Future Stupid got started in mid 1993 in Christchurch. The original line-up was Tony Hallum (guitar, vocals), Mykel Cole (bass) and Dave Toland (drums). They moved to Auckland in early 1995 after the song 'Shovel' was playlisted by 95bFM.

The band released their debut six track self-titled CD EP in 1996 on the Felix Records label, an offshoot of Wildside Records. They recorded the EP at Ground Zero Studio, Newton, Auckland with Shane O'Neill engineering.

Tony Hallum and Jason Young at the 2006 reunion gid - Pony Bar, Melbourne
Stuck - live at the Powerstation 1996
Shit Biscuit - live in Melbourne 2006
Future Stupid, early 1996: Mykel Cole, Tony Hallum, Deryck Hunt and Gavin Downie
21 Days live at the Big Day Out, 1997
Cannonfodder from 1996
How to make a single edit by Tony Hallum – to engineer Evan Roberts
Greed and Chomp at the 1997 Big Day Out
Deryck Hunt, Jason Young and Tony Hallum.
Gavin Downie, Mykel Cole, Deryck Hunt (front) and Tony Hallum.
Big Dumb Future
Tony Hallum, Deryck Hunt and Jason Young recording demos for Cannonfodder, 1996
Mykel Cole, Dave Toland and Tony Hallum.
Grizz and Jason Young, Korn support, 1 May 1997
Future Stupid mid 1995: Mykel Cole, Dave Toland and Tony Hallum
Chomp (at the 1997 95bFM Summer Series)

Mykel Cole - bass

Tony Hallum - guitar, vocals

Deryck Hunt - drums

Gavin Downie - guitar

Jason Young - bass

Dave Toland - drums

Grizz - drums



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