Glyn Mason

Perhaps it was destined that music would feature in Nottingham-born Glyn Mason’s life. His father was a former choirboy in Wales and his London-born mother was a honky-tonk piano player.

When Glyn was three they shifted to Australia, staying until 1958. That year they crossed the Tasman to New Zealand, moving around a few times before finally settling in Lower Hutt.

Glyn Mason, c. 1968
Glyn Mason, Rebels, 1969
Glyn Mason in Ariel
The Roadrunners contemplate a midnight dip at the Riddiford Baths, Lower Hutt, c1967. From left: Glyn Mason, Noel Koskella, Chaz Burke-Kennedy, Tim O'Connor
Jigsaw at the Galaxie
Glyn Mason, circa 1987
Glyn Mason - It's Only Love
Glyn Mason guitar clinic
Glyn Mason in Jigsaw
Glyn Mason with Ariel, mid 1970s
Ariel - Disco Dilemma (1977)
The final line-up of Ariel - Mike Rudd, Bill Putt, Glyn Mason, Iain McLennan and Tony Slavich - live, circa 1977.
The Rebels, post Larry: John Williams, Mal Logan, Nooky Stott, Glyn Mason and Viv McCarthy
The Rebels, post Larry: Glyn Mason, John Williams, Viv McCarthy, Nooky Stott and Mal Logan
Glyn Mason at the Intermezzo coffee lounge, Wellington, January 1966
Field, See & Mason, Down Under The Covers
The Bitter End, Christchurch, 1967. On vocals is Peter Hall; at right is Glyn Mason on lead guitar
Glyn Mason, at right, with Ariel, mid 1970s
Glyn Mason in Australia's Juke magazine, 1976
The post Larry Morris The Rebels, with new vocalist Glyn Mason
The Stockley See & Mason Band movie
Mike Rudd and Glyn Mason (right) with Spectrum-Ariel at Crown, 2016 
Glyn Mason in the early 1990s, while working for Fender
Glyn Mason, Roadrunners
Glyn Mason, Rebels era
Philips Records offers Glyn Mason a recording contract, May 1967
The Roadrunners, Taita, July 1966 (L-R): Noel Koskella, Chaz Burke-Kennedy, Tim O'Connor, Glyn Mason
Glyn Mason in Jigsaw
Glyn Mason, left, and Sam See: The Pardoners
Glyn Mason, Juke magazine
Stockley, See & Mason, Crackerjack Club, 2016



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