John White

Dunedin musician John White’s 10 albums have been recorded over the past 20 years, and released by labels such as Arch Hill, Arclife and Monkey Records. He performs two or three times a month, while remaining very committed to his other profession: games designer (Jasper’s Journey and Mogwash). Another album is in the works.

Born in Wellington, raised in Dunedin, New Zealand, White has opened for acts such as Cat Power, Mountain Goats, David Pajo and also some of his favourite New Zealand bands: The Chills, The Bats, HDU, to name a few. In recent years he has been somewhat of a nomad, living in New Zealand, Germany, Sri Lanka, India and the USA.

Mëstar - Konked Out, from Shut The Squizwot Factories Down (2007). Video by Louise Clifton and John White.
John White at Fred's
John White - Mogwash
Early shot of Mëstar
John White performs Laysel Mintel on the viola
John White - Batholemule Brixton
Mëstar - Secret Garden
Mëstar, Arc Cafe 1998
Mestar - Silversong
John White - Sally
The Blueness - The Blueness
John White - Noneoir
Amoral Compass, Sri Lanka
John White
"O" - John White in Sri Lanka
Black and White by John White / Mëstar
Dreamer's Tree by John White (music by Demarnia Lloyd)

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