Jamie McDell

Starting in country-pop and later making the shift to more traditional country, Jamie McDell’s career has been shaped by her honesty and commitment to authentic artistic expression – a quality that endears her to a strong and loyal fanbase.

Growing up in a musical family in Auckland in the 1990s, McDell’s introduction to music began at an early age, in the form of old-school country icons such as John Denver and Jimmy Buffett. 

Jamie McDell's self-titled 2022 album.
Jamie McDell - Running Now (2018)
Jamie McDell at the NZ Music Awards, 2013. Scotty Pearson of Elemeno P at right. 
Jamie McDell feat. Kasey Chambers - Tori (2018)
Jamie McDell - Dumb (2014)
Jamie McDell - Limousine Running (2022)
Jamie McDell: the album Extraordinary Girl, recorded in Nashville, was more raw and unpolished than her previous work. 
Jamie McDell - Back Of My Mind ft. Rai Thistlethwayte (2015)
Jamie McDell backstage as the support act for Demi Lovato, 2015.
Jamie McDell in the vocal booth at York Street Recording Studio working on Six Strings And A Sailboat, 2012.
Jamie McDell, 2022.
Lyrics and chords to Jamie McDell's 'Angel', 2012.
Jamie McDell: "a fun-loving surfer girl persona and a light, warm-tinged country-pop musical vibe".
Jamie McDell - Moon Shines Red (2015)
Jamie McDell recording Dunes at The Lab Recording Studio, Auckland.
Jamie McDell: her self-titled fourth album, released in 2022, is her most traditional country sounding release.
Jamie McDell - Life In Sunshine (2012)
Jamie McDell - Ask Me Anything (2015)
Jamie McDell - You'll Never Take That Away (2012)
Jamie McDell - Six Strings and a Sailboat track listing, 2012.
Jamie McDell - Dream Team (2021)
Jamie McDell
Jamie McDell - Rewind (2012)
Jamie McDell's lyrics for 'Crash', 2014.
Jamie McDell's rehearsal set list for Wellington's Homegrown Festival, 2016.
Jamie McDell's first song, written when she was seven, was about a dolphin.
Jamie McDell - Angel (2013)
Jamie McDell filming the Life In Sunshine music video, 2012.
Jamie McDell - Botox (2019)
Jamie McDell - Crash (2014)
Jamie McDell filming the music video for 'Crash', 2014.
Jamie McDell writes a letter to her fans, 2013.
Jamie McDell outside York Street Recording Studio during the recording of Six Strings And A Sailboat, 2014, with Stephen Small (keyboards, left).



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