Jakob’s instrumental soundscapes echo the landscape of their home turf, swelling like the waves of the coast, rising up the peaks, falling suddenly from the cliffs, and opening, expansive, as the arid plains of Hawke’s Bay.

Though they’ve had international accolades within the post-rock niche, and been an influential and celebrated band within New Zealand, they’ve stayed living in Hawke’s Bay. They all have day jobs. Two are tradesmen, the other works in a music shop. They’re family men. It’s a slow burner, this Jakob band.

I'm On Your Side
Jason Johnston, Jeff Boyle and Maurice Beckett
Jason Johnston and Maurice Beckett, 2010
Jakob at the Big Day Out, 2012
Kirsten Johnstone interviewing Jakob on Te Mata Peak, 2006
Jason Johnston on the Isis tour, 2008
Jeff Boyle and Jason Johnston practising in 2010
Maurice Beckett, Kings Arms, Auckland, 3 April 2010
Photo credit: Photo by Jonathan Ganley
Maurice Beckett, Big Day Out, 2012
Jeff Boyle, Jason Johnston and Maurice Beckett, 2014
Maurice Beckett of Jakob, at the Kings Arms on 3 April 2010
Photo credit: Photo by Jonathan Ganley
Jeff Boyle, Kings Arms, Auckland, 3 April 2010
Photo credit: Photo by Jonathan Ganley
Maurice Beckett, Jason Johnston and Jeff Boyle rehearsing late 2013
Jakob at the Big Day Out 2007
Photo credit: Photo by Jessie Scoullar
Jeff Boyle
Jason Johnston and Maurice Beckett, Big Day Out 2012
Safety In Numbers
Jakob 2014 - Jason Johnston, Jeff Boyle and Maurice Beckett
Jakob's 2014 album Sines, winner of the 2015 Taite Award
Jakob in 2012
Photo credit: Photo by Richard Brimar
Jakob supporting Tool in Brisbane, 2012
Jakob - Blinded By Science, 2014 - directed by Peter Janes
Jason Johnston, Big Day Out 2012
Jakob - Spirit of Napier (2003). 
Jeff Boyle, Maurice Beckett and Jason Johnston, 2014
Nice Day For An Earthquake (2001)
Jeff Boyle and Jason Johnston, 2008

Jeff Boyle - guitar

Maurice Beckett - bass

Jason Johnston - drums


Jeff Boyle has collaborated with Rhian Sheehan, on his Standing In Silence album.


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