Hubb Kapp and The Wheels

aka The Defenders, Chapter III

For over four decades Hubb Kapp and The Wheels were one of New Zealand rock and roll’s mystery groups. Their only recorded original, 'I’m Happy Too', graced NZ 1960s compilations including the groundbreaking How Was the Air Up There? and the patchier Get The Picture.

The band, who recorded 'I’m Happy Too' for Viking Records, had been written into 1960s rock lore as an Invercargill group who somehow picked up ex-Pleazers vocalist Bob London, moved to Dunedin and changed their name to The Defenders, then disappeared. In 1994 AudioCulture tracked Kerry Wright, the composer of 'I’m Happy Too' to his Cambooya, Queensland home to hear the true story of Hubb Kapp and the Wheels for the first time.

Hubb Kapp and The Wheels - I'm Happy Too
Hubb Kapp and The Wheels' only release I'm Happy Too, on Viking, produced by Ron Dalton
The Kodiaks and The Defenders  in Brisbane, early 1965: the first four are The Kodiaks, then (l to r) Ross D. Wylie, Col Zeller, Ray Moore, Ron Smith and Kerry Wright
The Defenders, The Nightspot, George Street, Dunedin, 1965: Rick Phillips, Ron Smith, Kerry Wright and Ray Moore
The Defenders, aka Hubb Kapp and The Wheels, early 1966: Mike Conway, Bob Cooper (Bob London), Kerry Wright, Ray Moore and Ron Smith
Kerry Wright



Bob Cooper - vocals

Kerry Wright - guitar, vocals

Ray Moore - bass, vocals

Ron Smith - guitar, vocals

Col Zeller - drums

Rick Phillips - drums

Mike Conway - drums

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