Hello Sailor Profile

Murray Cammick
29 May 2013

The perception of Hello Sailor has changed over the years – for some they are a band that has been together forever and their fame is based only on radio hits like ‘Blue Lady’ and ‘Gutter Black’.

But back in the day they were primarily known for their live gigs, rockin’ the nation, one pub at a time. They have spent more time apart than together.

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Harry Lyon, Auckland University Café, 1977
Photo credit: Photo by Simon Lynch
Gold Discs for the Hello Sailor album
Graham Brazier, Auckland University Café, 1977
Photo credit: Photo by Simon Lynch
Graham Brazier, late 1970s
The debut album from 1977. Designed by Peter Adams, the inside of the original foldout LP cover featured band photos by Eldred Stebbing’s son Vaughan.
Fugitive For Love
Hello Sailor - Never Fade Away
Live, 1978
The original press release for the second Hello Sailor album, announcing they were off to LA. Plus Golden Harvest are following their footsteps, although it's unclear exactly how.
Late 1970s Hello Sailor poster designed by Ian McDougall
Photo credit: Mike Corless Collection. Design: Ian McDougall
Dave McArtney writes to Rip It Up from Los Angeles, 1978
Gutter Black
More awards - Dave McArtney, Graham Brazier, Harry Lyon
Gutter Black (Campbell Live, 19 Dec 2008)
Hello Sailor’s second album, originally released in 1978, just prior to the ill-fated trip to Los Angeles
Winning Ticket
Marc Hunter and Graham Brazier, Great Western Festival Jan 15, 1978
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Originally intended for advertising use, this image by Phil Peacock shows Karyn Hay during her Radio With Pictures prime, with several leading New Zealand musicians of the era. It became the cover of Rip It Up's December 1983 issue.
The touring band for the 1985 Hello Sailor Shipshape & Bristol Fashion album: Graham Brazier, Harry Lyon, Neil Hannan, Dave McArtney, Ricky Ball and Tim Wedde
Gutter Black & Billy Bold (Play It Strange concert at The St James Theatre 2004)
Son Of Sam (Live in LA 1978)
Dave McArtney and Harry Lyon with producer Rob Aickin (standing) and manager David Gapes. Stebbing Recording Studios 1977/78
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Lying in the Sand
Auckland University Gym after a Hello Sailor gig - late 1970s
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
Dr Jazz (with Ray Manzarek at the Whiskey A Go Go, LA 1978)
1977 Hello Sailor tour schedule as supplied to the band and media, promoting their debut album
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Ricky Ball, Harry Lyon, Graham Brazier, Dave McArtney, Lisle Kinney, a publicity shot from 1985
Page two of Dave McArtney's letter from LA, 1979.
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Blue Lady
Ian Morris and Rob Aickin recording the debut Hello Sailor album at Stebbing Studios, 6 June, 1977
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
New Tattoo
Dave McArtney and Graham Brazier with Hello Sailor at Auckland's Gluepot, 1978
Photo credit: Photo by Murray Cammick
A 1985 Zulu/CBS publicity shot: Dave McArtney, Ricky Ball, Harry Lyon, Graham Brazier
Lisle Kinney, Windsor Castle, 1977
Photo credit: Photo by Simon Lynch
Hello Sailor in 1977: Dave McArtney, Lisle Kinney, Graham Brazier, Harry Lyon, Ricky Ball
Photo credit: Photo by Jeremy Templer
Sailor's Voyage (2007, part 1 of 4) - NZ On Screen

Graham Brazier - vocals, saxophone, harmonica

Harry Lyon - guitar, vocals

Stuart Pearce - keyboards

Lisle Kinney - bass

Dave McArtney - guitar, vocals

Ricky Ball - drums

Paul Woolright - bass

Gordon Joll - drums

Neil Hannan - bass

Tony Lumsden - bass

Graeme Turner - drums





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In 1975 in Hotlicks magazine (No.19) Hello Sailor were described as – “Vamp rock, not to be confused with camp rock".

Hello Sailor’s early (circa 1975) on stage gimmick was to share their stage with ornamental antiques, such as chrome deco lampshades, pot plants and furniture provided by Peter Rogers of 20th Century Antiques of Ponsonby Road.