Evasive Action

Eugene Butcher and Erik Van Den Hoven wasted little time on Desperate Measures’ demise in early 1983. They quickly formed Evasive Action with two former members of Unauthorised – bassist Mark Gibson on drums and Harry Hepworth, Unauthorised’s singer, who was now playing guitar.

Their first show was literally a riot, an Alternative Entertainment Bureau dance on 17 June 1983 at the central city Caledonian Hall that turned violent. Police were attempting to close the hall down before the first band played, but the group still managed to kick off with someone grabbing a microphone and yelling at the police to go home.

Mark Gibson
Harry Hepworth's guitar
Eugene Butcher
Evasive Action - Erik Van Den Hoven, Mark Gibson, Eugene Butcher and Harry Hepworth
Harry Hepworth
Erik Van Den Hoven
The 2008 Failsafe CD reissue of Evasive Action's 1984's Looking For A Battlefield cassette
1983 Evasive Action bio

Mark Gibson - drums

Erik Van Den Hoven - bass

Eugene Butcher - vocals

Harry Hepworth - guitar



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