Edd Morris

aka Eddie O'Strange, Gilbert O'Strange, Girvan O'Strange

In 1963 Edd Morris was in Sydney, pitching songs to publishers and record companies. At CBS Records New Zealand, musician and producer Laurie Lewis suggested that Morris write a novelty number based around the forthcoming engagement of a prominent celebrity couple.

"He told me to write something in the vein of Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme," Morris recalls. "I didn't have a guitar, piano, nothing, I just wrote it in my head, the lead line, melody and chorus. I went back and there was a piano in the room and I did a demo right there. Laurie was happy enough and they had a couple of popular singers lined up but the recording kept getting delayed. Six months later the couple split up."

The Battle of the Bands 1968 at the side of the Soundshell Concert Sound Stage with an unknown 1YZ radio personality presenting a cash prize to The VIPs' Mort King on behalf of the band, with Eddie O'Strange and Phil Long looking on
Photo credit: Mort King collection
Corben Simpson's 1972 single The Sky Is Falling, produced by Edd Morris and released on his Strange label
The VIPs play the Wahine Disaster Fund Raising Concert circa 1970, with Eddie O'Strange, Phil Long, Peter (Chuck) Goodin, Tom Cocherane and Mort King
Photo credit: Mort King collection
The VIPs at the Battle Of The Bands in Rotorua in the late 1960s: Tommy Cocherane, Mort King, Phil Long, Peter (Chuck) Goodin and Eddie O'Strange
Photo credit: Mort King collection
Chloe of Wainuiomata, managed by Edd Morris
Photo credit: Photo by Keith Levy
Edd Morris' 1983 12-inch EP (as Eddie O'Strange) Video Dodo
Photo credit: Image courteousy of Hocken Collections, Rec-L 1186
Girvin O'Strange (aka Edd Morris)'s 1981 single Gang Of One
The 1981 Edd Morris single (as Girvin O'Strange) Power To The Kiwi

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