Darryn Harkness

Darryn Harkness is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, video-maker, zine publisher and installation artist.

Between gigs Darryn can be found making music at his recording studio on Queen Street in Auckland, the home of his bands, New Telepathics and Loud Ghost. It’s where videos are planned, songs are archived and where a diverse range of artists and performers meet to create and rehearse.

Darryn Harkness at Golden Dawn, 2013
Darryn Harkness, 2012
New Telepathics - Live At The Ritzy Cafe Brixton, 2005
New Telepathics, 2012. Clockwise from top left: Darryn Harkness, Sam Taylor, Mark Hussey (and a mannequin named Henri Carbine).
New Telepathics 2009 album Rudiments And The Theory Of Silence
Serafin, 2006. Left to right: Darryn Harkness, Ben Smith, Ben Ellis, Christian Smith.
From Scratch in Austria, 1998
Serafin - News (2007)
Ben Smith and Darryn Harkness in London, 2006, during the sessions for Serafin's To The Teeth album
From Scratch/ Supreme Particles collaboration - Global Hockets part 1 (1999)
Darryn Harkness, 2015
Spacesuit - Orange (1997, live at Kurtz Lounge, Auckland)
New Telepathics - Change Of An Astronaut (from the 2011 album Clapping With Rockets)
New Telepathics - Remember Fela (2004)
Loud Ghost, 2015. L to R: Sammy G, Darryn Harkness, Mark Hussey. Photo by Mike Doherty
New Telepathics at San Francisco Bath House, Wellington, September 2009
Loud Ghost, 2016. Left to right: Sammy G, Mark Hussey, Darryn Harkness.
Braintree in 1993
Spacesuit, 1996. Left to right: Darryn Harkness, Ben Holmes, Sandy Mill, Gabriel White.
Photo credit: Darryn Harkness collection
New Telepathics - self-titled album from 2004
Braintree - Reprisemas. Recorded 1993 at Progressive studios, produced by Braintree. Released on the Telepathic Junkie - Stayfree Carefree album, 1995.
Darryn Harkness (at right) with Fagan and The People, 2014
Photo credit: Photo by Aaron Aldridge
New Telepathics, 2010. Left to right: Mark Hussey, Matt Brennan, Darryn Harkness, Carl Rayner.
New Telepathics, UK 2007. Left to right: Darryn Harkness, Hugh Vicars, Chris Williams.
Loud Ghost - Check Your Mice (2106)
New Telepathics, 2017. Left to right: Phodiso Dintwe, Sandy Mill, Nuel Nonso. Standing: Darryn Harkness.
Photo credit: Samuel Richards
Loud Ghost at The Kings Arms, 2013
Photo credit: Photo by Sam Harvey
New Telepathics: Darryn Harkness and Sandy Mill, 1998
Photo credit: Darryn Harkness collection
Loud Ghost - Fire Up (2014)
New Telepathics - My First Shotgun (2008 Red Bull live session - from the album Rudiments & Theory Of Silence, 2009)
Darryn Harkness with Loud Ghost, 2015
Photo credit: Photo by Michael Flynn
New Telepathics - River Calls Me Now (from the album Capping With Rockets, 2011)
Braintree, 1992: Twiggy Pop, TC, The Tea Lady and Darryn (Doctor Zanoni) Harkness
New Telepathics - Clapping With Rockets (2009)
Loud Ghost at Whammy Bar, Auckland, August 2015
From Scratch reunited in 2015 for Phil Dadson's documentary, Sonics From Scratch
Serafin - Things Fall Apart (2003)

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