Coco Solid

aka Jessica Hansell

Jessica Hansell is an Auckland-born rapper, singer and songwriter who performs and records under the stage name Coco Solid.

Now a solo project, Coco Solid first began as a duo, with Hansell recording and performing alongside fellow rapper and visual artist Benjamin Buchanan, who works under the stage name Erik Ultimate. Hansel and Buchanan recorded regularly with deceased punk producer ALC5 and often performed with DJ Han Baby.

Coco Solid - The Radical Bad Attack (2008)
Poster for Coco Solid's 2017 mix Alumni, for Red Bull Radio. 
Crime Fighters
Coco Solid - Pacific Rims EP (2011)
Rap n Roll with Flight of the Conchords
Coco Solid and Erik Ultimate photographed for the back of Denim & Leisure (2005).
Coco Solid - Gentlemen Prefer Bombz (2006)
Parallel Dance Ensemble - Weight Watchers (2009)
Coco Solid - Denim & Leisure (2005)
Coco Solid - Slow Torture (feat. Disasteradio)
Electrik Love
Cokes - a Coco Solid mixtape for Waitangi Day, 2018.
Photo credit: Pati Solomona Tyrell
Aroha Bridge - Season One, Episode One
Coco Solid - Denim and Leather (2004)

Hansell and Erik Ultimate rapped with Flight Of The Conchords at SXSW in 2006.

Hansell's song Denim & Leather was sampled by Princess Superstar in her song Monday Morning.


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