Andrew Spittle

aka Das Phaedrus, Dating Godot, All Red Cables

One of the most prolific independent New Zealand artists of his generation, Andrew Spittle has recorded and released over 30 albums of original music, ranging from melodic punk rock and electronica to acoustic ballads.

A multi-instrumentalist, Spittle’s elusive nature, lack of involvement in any scene, and compulsive output make him a true musical outsider.

Das Phaedrus, 1990
Dating Godot recording at Ocean View, south of Dunedin, 1992: Robbie Yeats, Andrew Spittle and Richard Baker
Das Phaedrus poster from 1990, advertising the Static Display cassette
Das Phaedrus' Static Display cassette, 1990
Dating Godot - Face Of An Empty Room (1999)
An unseen Das Phaedrus shot from 1990, taken from a proof sheet
Semi Lemon Cola, Das Phaedrus and Anonymous Guru at Auckland's Gluepot, June 1991
Matthew Hyland reviews Das Phaedrus in Rip It Up, 1991
An unseen Das Phaedrus shot from 1990, taken from a proof sheet
Andrew Spittle at Big Door Studios, Whangarei, 2014
Das Phaedrus' 1994 EP What Will Become Of Our Home. The clear record was a Peter King lathe-cut release and only 20 were cut.
An unseen Das Phaedrus shot from 1990, taken from a proof sheet
Das Phaedrus set-list from 1994, including Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love
Dating Godot's 1997 album Lucky Devil
Das Phaedrus, 1990: Andrew Spittle, Victor Billot and Piers Graham
Das Phaedrus at Sammy's, 1990
The Bats, Das Phaedrus and The Tin Soldiers at Sammy's, Dunedin 1990
Andrew Spittle, 1990
Andrew Spittle on the roof of 17 Pioneer Crescent, Dunedin, 1989
Dating Godot - Aeriel (1999)
Das Phaedrus - Ditch (live at Sammy's, Dunedin, 1991) - with Victor Billot on bass, Piers Graham on drums
An Andrew Spittle cassette release from the 1990s
Dating Godot, 2000: Andrew Spittle and Nigel Duncan
Brendon White at Big Door Studios, Whangarei, 2014
Andrew Spittle, 2008
John Howell, Andrew Spittle, Victor Billot, December 2014
Dating Godot, 1992: Andrew Spittle and Gabrielle Ryan
Dating Godot, 2001: Andrew Spittle and Sally Lonie

Andrew Spittle was head boy of Logan Park High School in 1989.

Between 1995 and 2010, Andrew Spittle independently released 24 full albums of original music.

Former and current members of Cinematic, The Dead C, Lung, Deja Voodoo, and Minuit have played on and/ or recorded Andrew’s records.

Andrew is the nephew of musician, songwriter and author (including AudioCulture work), Gordon Spittle.


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