Not a band to bend to industry pressure, Minuit created hypnotic dance music and forged their own path ahead for over a decade. Their numerous EPs, studio albums and remix compilations showed them to be a band unafraid to evolve their beats, instrumentation and style, while keeping their sound undeniably Minuit.

Minuit (‘Midnight’ in French) had their genesis in Nelson in the late 1990s. Vocalist Ruth Carr sang and played drums in various bands that changed and morphed, eventually becoming Minuit, with multi-instrumentalists, producers, and samplers Paul Dodge, and Ryan Beehre. At this point in the band’s metamorphosis, there was a fourth member, Lance Tighe, who was their vocalist, while Carr played the drums.

Ruth Carr
Photo credit: Photo by Georgia Schofield
Ryan Beehre, Ruth Carr and Paul Dodge for the release of The 88 album in 2003
Photo credit: Minuit Collection
Paul Dodge, Ruth Carr, Ryan Beehre
Photo credit: Photo by Georgia Schofield
25 Bucks
NZ Musician February/March 2006
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Photo credit: Photo by Georgia Schofield
Book of the Dead
Minuit at Wellington's HomeGrown Festival with Gamelan by Taniwha Jaya
Photo credit: Photo by Sean Aickin
Ruth Carr
Photo credit: Photo by Georgia Schofield
The Final Fling
Minuit at BBC's Maida Vale studios in London, recording a live session for Annie Nightingale
Photo credit: Minuit Collection
Last Night You Saw The Band

Ruth Carr has worked on films The Hobbit, King Kong, and Australia as a furniture maker, and in the textiles department.



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Ruth Carr - vocals

Paul Dodge - multi-instrumentalist

Ryan Beehre - multi-instrumentalist

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