The Smoke Profile

Andrew Schmidt
7 Jul 2013

The Smoke left behind two of the best local singles of the 60s: the feedback laced ‘No More Now’ backed with R&B ballad ‘Never Trust Another Woman’ and the Hendrix influenced ‘Control Your Love’. Great original songs, marked by tight, passionate performances. All were released in Europe.

The Smoke’s slight, long-haired guitarist Brett Tauri left home at 15, got his own flat (not yet the teenage rite of passage it would become), learnt one of the new instruments of teen rebellion (the bass) and grew his hair long, copping the usual redneck flak around town.

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Control Your Love
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Never Trust Another Woman
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No More Now
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Something Following Me
The Smoke at the 1967 Battle Of The Bands, Auckland Town Hall
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The Smoke were initially called Freddy Foo and The Creepers. It didn't last.

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Fast Food

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Lester Dempster - drums

Len Monk - bass

Roly Nixon - guitar

Lawrie Opai - bass

Peter Sandford - keyboards

Brett Tauri - guitar, vocals

Earle White - drums

Ray Nixon - vocals

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