Ermehn Profile

aka Herman Loto, Herman Sakaria
Martyn Pepperell
29 May 2013

Herman Joseph Loto Sakaria is an Auckland based rapper who performs and records under the stage name Ermehn.

Over the years he has collaborated with a who's who of local hip-hop artists including Submariner, Chong Nee, Mr Sicc, King Kapisi, Dei Hamo, Pauly and Phil Fuemana, Dam Native, DLT, Ladi6, Anonymouz and many others.

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Stare & Whisper Feat. PNC & Paul Bob
Samoans Pt.II
Bank Job
As Real As It Gets Feat. FaceKilla,Young Sid,Mr Sicc & Dok02
Walls Of Steel Feat.The Feelstyle

An original member of Otara Millionaires Club.

Notorious for performing with a machete in the early 1990s.



Sony BMG

Anonymouz Workz