From the angular guitar movement that engulfed the world in the early 2000s came New Zealand four-piece, Motocade.

While his older brothers naturally gained a love of music from their musical family, Eden Mulholland found his feet in the music world while studying dance at the Unitec Performing Arts School. Through friends who were choreographing dance, he found a knack for composing accompanying electronic beats. The foundation in dance has since translated into a profession and turned out several releases and awards for Eden – including the Tempo Festival of Dance Best Music Award in 2008 and 2009. It can also be identified as an underlying thread through Motocade’s music videos and album artwork, notably their debut album Tightrope Highway.

Scott Sutherland recording in 2010
Motocade - Bill Murray Fan Club
Geordie McCallum
Will Mulholland
Motocade: anticlockwise from top left: Geordie McCallum, Eden Mulholland, Scott Sutherland, Will Mulholland
Motocade - My Friends (2007)
Motocade - Holy Moly (2010)
Motocade - Commandeering (2009)
Motocade - Tightrope Highway (2009)
Scott Sutherland, Will Mulholland, Geordie McCallum, Eden Mulholland
Motocade - Psycho (2006)
Motocade - Eden Mulholland, Will Mulholland, Scott Sutherland, Geordie McCallum
Motocade - Oldest Trick In The Book (2009)
Scott Sutherland, Eden Mulholland, Will Mulholland, Geordie McCallum
Jolyon Mulholland recording Motocade 2010
Motocade - Soap Opera (2007)
Motocade - The Big Empty

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Eden Mulholland - guitar, vocals

Will Mulholland - drums, vocals

Scott Sutherland - bass

Geordie McCallum - guitar

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