Freedom Express Profile

Glen Moffatt
1 Jun 2017

The Arch had been playing together for three years when they changed their name to Freedom Express in early 1971 to take up a residency at Aubrey’s in Federal Street, Auckland.

In Rangi Williams they had one of the city’s most versatile singers, able to tackle anything from Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding to The Turtles and The Doors. Rob Maginley was a gifted guitarist brought up on The Shadows with the ability to emulate the warm overdrive sound of Eric Clapton.

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The Arch on the eve of or just after renaming themselves Freedom Express, early 1971. Left to right, Rangi Williams, Noddy Dawson, Rob Maginley, roadie Chook Conway, Paul Hewson, Dennis Ryan.
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Rob Maginley in Freedom Express, Aubreys 1971.
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Freedom Express, 1971. Left to right: Rangi Williams, Noddy Dawson, Dennis Ryan, Paul Hewson. Rob Maginley has been cropped out on the left.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
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Rangi Williams and Chris Dawson in Freedom Express, on stage at Aubreys, 1971.
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Mike Fisher of Freedom Express at Aubrey's, 1971.
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Freedom Express - Midnight Shift
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Freedom Express, 1971. Left to right: Mike Fisher, Chris Dawson, Rangi Williams, Rob Maginley.
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Rangi Williams - vocals

Paul Hewson - keyboards

Rob Maginley - guitar

Chris Dawson - bass

Dennis Ryan - drums

Rob Noad - drums

Craig Murray - bass

Mike Fisher - drums

Billy Williams - bass

Paddy Gibbons - keyboards

Paul Hartland - vocals

Greg Dineen - bass

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