The Orange Profile

Andrew Schmidt
22 May 2013

Rarely seen outside of Dunedin’s Oriental and Empire Taverns, The Orange was one of a strong crop of mid-1980s Dunedin groups who found an outlet through Flying Nun Records.

Formed in early 1984 after a chance meeting in Dunedin student pub the Captain Cook, the soaring psychedelic trio of Andrew Brough (Blue Meanies), Jonathan Moore (Bored Games/ Newbergs) and Peter Bragan debuted at the Captain Cook’s Battle of The Bands in March. Putting initial doubts aside, in mid-1985 The Orange decided to “make a go of it.”

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The Orange at Dunedin's Oriental Tavern, June 1986
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The Orange: Peter Bragan, Jonathan Moore and Andrew Brough
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1986's Fruit Salad Lives 12-inch EP. The cover shot was by Jeremy Freeman.
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The Orange: Peter Bragan, Jonathan Moore and Andrew Brough
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The poster for 1986's Fruit Salad Lives EP on Flying Nun
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Flying Nun

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Andrew Brough - vocals, guitar

Jonathan Moore - bass

Peter Bragan - drums