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Gary Steel
10 May 2013

A punky footnote in NZ’s alt-rock timeline, Bored Games was the high school band of Shayne Carter, who would go on to stamp his mark with Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer.

While attending Kaikorai Valley High School in Dunedin, Shayne Carter formed Bored Games with Wayne Elsey, Fraser Batts, Jonathan Moore and Jeff Harford.

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Bored Games promo poster, 1982
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Bored Games second gig, with Toy Love, The Androidss, and The Terls at the Concert Chamber, Dunedin 1979
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A very young Bored Games at Kaikorai Valley High School Dance in 1979, with Shayne Carter on his knees beside Wayne Elsey.
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Bored Games, Dunedin 1981 - Jonathan Moore, Terry Moore, Fraser Batts, Shayne Carter and Jeff Harford
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Who Killed Colonel Mustard, the 1982 Bored Games 12" EP, featured the classic Joe 90
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Shayne Carter performs Joe 90 solo (Live @ Bodega 06/05/11)
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Terry Moore and Fraser Batts later became members of The Chills.

Wayne Elsey subsequently formed The Stones, and then reunited with Carter in The DoubleHappys, but was tragically killed in a train accident while on tour in 1985.

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Flying Nun

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Shayne Carter - vocals

Wayne Elsey - bass

Fraser Batts - guitar

Jonathan Moore - guitar

Jeff Harford - drums

Terry Moore - guitar