Stacey Grove

aka Winnie The Pooh, The Fink

As pop turned into rock in the late 60s teenagers the world over formed bands inspired by the new sounds coming from the UK and USA. Upper Hutt was a relatively isolated enclave and a fertile breeding ground for budding musicians. From 1967 to 1971 local band Stacey Grove tried their luck at finding stardom.

Schoolmates Don Wilson and Stefan Brown met at Heretaunga College. Stefan’s dad Bernie Brown was something of a local celebrity, a folk singer who was a regular on the Wellington folk circuit. Bernie had moved his family to Upper Hutt from New Plymouth.

A Stacey Grove setlist
Kim Priest with The Fink
The Fink: Kim Priest, Don Wilson, Glenn Brown and Stefan Brown
The Stacey Grove fan club card. Triad Productions was manager Robin Robinson's company.
Stacey Grove recording at Wellington's HMV Studio, 9 April 1970
Stacey Grove in the local Upper Hutt paper. Clockwise: Mark Jones (Pixie), Don Wilson, Kim Priest and Stefan Brown
Stacey Grove's single is lauded in The Dominion
The Fink: Stefan Brown, Don Wilson, Glenn Brown, Kim Priest
The Fink: Don Wilson and Stefan Brown
Stacey Grove's final gig, Hutt Valley Raceway, 26 December 1970
Winnie the Pooh: Stefan Brown, Brian Slade, Don Wilson and Derek Archer
Stacey Grove's manager and producer Rob Robinson
Winnie The Pooh - wild on stage!
Winnie the Pooh, 1968: Stefan Brown, Derek Archer and Don Wilson
Don Wilson in front of a Philips gooseneck microphone borrowed from The Fourmyula
The Fink: Don Wilson and Stefan Brown
Winnie The Pooh: Don Wilson, Kim Priest, Derek Archer and Stefan Brown
Stacey Grove: Kim Priest, Mark Jones, Stefan Brown and Don Wilson
Stacey Grove and Tom Thumb at Wellington's The Place, 1969
Stacey Grove
Stacey Grove's final gig, Hutt Valley Raceway, 26 December 1970
A Philips Records dealer release sheet for Stacey Grove's single, Please, Mr. Neighbour
Praise for Stacey Grove from an unknown newspaper



Derek Archer gained a level of notoriety in running the radio station Pirate FM in Wellington in the 1990s.

Stefan’s dad Bernie Brown was a talented folk singer who recorded the album Folk … But Happy for HMV in 1965, and played at the Monde Marie.

The band briefly changed their name in 1968 to "Moose Boots And The Green Banana Band".


Don Wilson - guitar, vocals

Stefan Brown - guitar, vocals

Glenn Brown - bass

Mark Jones - bass

Mike Phillips - drums

Murray Brookie - drums

Derek Archer - bass

Kim Priest - drums

Gary Stokes - keyboards

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