Rob Salmon

An important figure in the rise of both house music and hip-hop in Auckland, Rob Salmon is originally from Dunedin but grew up in West Auckland.

As a 16-year old schoolboy and DJ, he was running underage parties on Sundays at Auckland’s Box, when he was spotted by the club’s owner Simon Grigg and offered a job as a trainee DJ in 1990.

Rob Salmon & Rob Rives - Running Towards A Dream (Rob Salmon Re-edit)
Urban Disturbance - Zane Lowe, Rob Salmon, Oli Green
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Rob Salmon at Box, 1995
Photo credit: Photo by Simon Grigg
Rob Salmon & Rob Rives - Shop Talk
Urban Disturbance - For Real ['95 Remix]
On George FM Drive, 2005
Photo credit: Rob Salmon
Leaders of Style - back: Oli Green and Rob Salmon, front: Zane Lowe
Photo credit: Kane Massey
Urban Disturbance - Impressions
Rob Salmon outside Auckland record store BPM, High Street, November 1995.
Rob Salmon at the Sydney Opera House Bar, 2006
Photo credit: Rob Salmon

In 1991 Rob Salmon won the Auckland heat of the NZ DMC Championships and was placed 3rd in the final.



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