Noel McKay

It took some balls to up-stage Prime Minister Robert Muldoon when he was at his most formidable, but that’s exactly what Noel McKay achieved at the Variety Artists’ Club awards night in 1977.

Called up to the Shoreline Cabaret stage in Auckland to receive a parchment scroll in recognition of his contribution to New Zealand show business, at first McKay refused to get out of his chair.

The Fabulous Noel McKay, from 1962
Noel McKay
Photo credit: NZBC archive
A Date With Noel McKay, from 1960
Noel McKay in Person, from 1961
One of 5 7-inch EPs issued by Viking Records, this dates to 1959
From the 8 O'Clock, 1975
Photo credit: Chris Bourke collection
Noel McKay with Carmen, 1975
The New Zealand Woman's Weekly, 1975
Photo credit: Chris Bourke collection
Noel McKay at the microphone, early 1960s
Photo credit: Don Peat
Noel McKay's 1967 live collection, released by Phil Warren's James Productions through Festival Records. The band was the Claude Papesch Trio.
The Muldoon incident, from the 8 O'Clock, October 1977
Photo credit: Chris Bourke collection
Eddie Hegan hosts the Top o' the Talent show at Western Springs during the Auckland carnival, c. 1957. Among the attractions are the Juvenolians, magician Frank Quinn, crooner Austin Moon, and drag act Noel McKay. 



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