Mel Parsons

“Bloody-mindedness” is what Mel Parsons attributes to her decade-long success as an independent artist. Parsons’ catalogue has been described as folk, alternative folk, and country, but she doesn’t care about labels anymore.

Growing up on a beef and sheep farm on the West Coast of the South Island, music was on “on the periphery” for Parsons, the first musician to come from the family. The stereo was often on in the background, playing the major records of the time or maybe something a little more obscure, if the record was a gift. Parsons names Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Dire Straits and Cat Stevens as some of artists that lodged into her subconscious as a child.

Mel Parsons - Carry On tour, 2021.
Mel Parsons - I Got the Lonely (2018)
Mel Parsons - Red Grey Blue (2011)
Mel Parsons with Greg Johnson at RNZ, Auckland 2017.
Mel Parsons at a fundraiser for the Boathouse, Nelson, with Josh Logan and Jed Parsons, 2018.
Mel Parsons - Driving Man (2015)
Mel Parsons - Over My Shoulder (2009)
Mel Parsons - Bottom of the Street (2019)
Anika Moa, Mel Parsons, and Julia Deans at Lyttelton Records, 2018.
Mel Parsons in Devonport, Auckland, with Jed Parsons and Josh Logan, 2017.
Kurt Shanks and Mel Parsons at the MMF NZ Music Managers Awards 2018.
Anika Moa/ Mel Parsons tour 2016.
Mel Parsons.
Mel Parsons - Far Away (2015)
Mel Parsons - poster for a 2018 performance in Kumeu.
Mel Parsons Woolshed Tour poster, 2022.
Mel Parsons and band in Lyttelton for the 'I Got The Lonely' video shoot: Left to right: Josh Logan, Aaron Stewart, Mel Parsons, Jed Parsons.
Mel Parsons US tour poster 2018.
Mel Parsons - I Won't Let You Down (2011)
Anika Moa and Mel Parsons, Tuki Festival, Wanaka 2018.
Mel Parsons - Don't Wait feat Ron Sexsmith (2016)
Mel Parsons - True Story (2013)
Mel Parsons in the studio for a RNZ live to air performance, 2018.
Mel Parsons in Iowa, 2018.
Mel Parsons, the Woolshed Tour 2012, with Emma Newborn and Amelia Dunbar.
Mel Parsons and Alex Behan at RNZ Auckland, 2018.
Mel Parsons and Nick Atkinson at the MMF Aotearoa Music Managers Awards 2018.
Mel Parsons performing at the Festival of Lights, Taranaki.
Mel Parsons - First Sign of Trouble (Live at the Tuning Fork, Auckland, April 15, 2015)
Anika Moa and Mel Parsons, Tuki Festival, Wanaka 2018.
Greg Johnson and Mel Parsons, 2017 NZ tour.
Mel Parsons - Just 'Cause You Don't Want Me (2018)
Sabotage (2024)
Mel Parsons - Glass Heart (2018)
Mel Parsons at Spark Arena for the APRA Silver Scroll Awards 2017, with Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan.
Mel Parsons - Carry On (2021)
Mel Parsons at Radio Hauraki with presenters Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte.
Mel Parsons covers 'Isabelle' by Greg Johnson (RNZ, 2020)
Mel Parsons - Pleasure & Pain (2012)
Mel Parsons.
Mel Parsons - Drylands (2015)
Mel Parsons and band at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, Victoria, 2017.
Fly My Pretties in Picton, 2019. From left: LA Mitchell, Mel Parsons, A Girl Named Mo, Anna Coddington, Ria Hall, and Hollie Smith. 
Fly My Pretties: Anna Coddington, Mike Fabulous, Laughton Kora, Ria Hall (seated), Bailey Wiley, Mara TK, Jarney Murphy, Mel Parsons, Nigel Patterson.
Photo credit: Ivan Karczewski

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