Leisure are one of the most successful acts to come out of Aotearoa in the 2010s, with hundreds of millions of streams to their name, international tours, and placements in top US television shows. Leisure’s sound is hard to summarise, given that their laidback pop songs draw in many other threads of music, including hip hop, guitar music, and electronica.

When the group first started, the identity of its members wasn’t even publicised. It was only when Leisure was announced as one of the acts at the 2016 Laneway Festival in Auckland that the band members finally divulged to local media just how the group had come about.

Leisure - Spark It Up (2020)
Leisure Lonely Nights (2020)
The cover image for Leisure’s All Over You single, 2016.
Leisure - On My Mind (live at Roundhead, 2019)
Leisure (L-R): Josh Fountain, Jordan Arts, Djeisan Suskov, Tom Young, Jaden Parkes. 
Leisure - Got It Bad (2016)
Leisure - Man (2019)
The cover of Leisure’s 2016 self-titled debut album.
Leisure, 2020. From left: Tom Young, Jordan Arts, Josh Fountain, Djeisan Suskov, Jaden Parkes. 
Leisure at a holiday recording session, 2016. From left: Djeisan Suskov, Jordan Arts, Jaden Parkes, Tom Young, and Josh Fountain. 
Leisure - Take You Higher (2021)
Leisure in Vancouver, 2015 (L-R): Josh Fountain, Tom Young, Jaden Parkes, drummer Alex Freer, and Djeisan Suskov. 
Photo credit: Jordan Arts
Leisure - All Over You (live at Roundhead, 2019)
Poster for Leisure’s first tour, incorporating the artwork from the ‘Got It Bad’ single.
Tom Young and Josh Fountain of Leisure, Muriwai.
Photo credit: Jordan Arts
Leisure - Falling (live at Roundhead, 2019 with Paul Roper on drums)
Leisure (live with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra in 2018)
Jaden Parkes during a recording session for Leisure, 2016.
Photo credit: Jordan Arts



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