Jonathan Bree

For someone once quite visible, Aucklander Jonathan Bree negotiated his way into high-profile international anonymity.

It’s been quite a journey from a leaky flat in Kingsland to his 2023 album Pre-Code Hollywood with funk legend Nile Rodgers on two songs. But along the way, Bree – who featured on album covers and videos for his band The Brunettes in the early 2000s, and who appeared alongside Princess Chelsea in her 2011 hit video clip for ‘The Cigarette Duet’, and then emerged with a solo career – well, he removed himself.

Jonathan Bree - Waiting On The Moment (2020)
The June 2002 Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks album was released on Lil' Chief Records, via the multi-national EMI after Neil Finn put the duo in touch with the company
Jonathan Bree - Cover Your Eyes (2020)
Jonathan Bree - Meadows In Bloom (feat. Britta Phillips)
Jonathan Bree - Heavenly Vision (2020)
Jonathan Bree at Abbey Road Studios, 2018.
Jonathan Bree - Until We're Done (2020)
Jonathan Bree at Abbey Road Studios, London.
Jonathan Bree - Pre-code Hollywood (Lil' Chief Records, 2023)
Jonathan Bree - Murder (2015)
Jonathan Bree - Sleepwalking (Lil' Chief Records, 2018)
The Brunettes' "Librarian shot" – Heather Mansfield and Jonathan Bree, 2006
Jonathan Bree's June 2013 solo album The Primrose Path, released as a free download via Bandcamp
Jonathan Bree in 2023
Photo credit: Vladislav Steinbauer
The image used on the cover of The Brunettes' Structure & Cosmetics album (2007)
Jonathan Bree - Kiss My Lips (feat. Princess Chelsea) (2020)
Jonathan Bree
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Jonathan Bree live in Prague
Photo credit: Vladislav Steinbauer
Jonathan Bree with Nile Rodgers - Pre-Code Hollywood (2023)
Jonathan Bree - Valentine (2018)
Jonathan Bree - Blur (2015)
Jonathan Bree at Abbey Road Studios, London
Jonathan Bree - Fuck It (2018)
Jonathan Bree - You Are The Man (2022)
Jonathan Bree in 2019
Photo credit: Ljubov Dzuzhynska
Jonathan Bree, North American Fall 2019 tour dates
Jonathan Bree - You're So Cool (2017)
Jonathan Bree - Say You Love Me Too (feat. Clara Viñals) (2017)
Jonathan Bree - Weird Hardcore (2015)
Jonathan Bree, European Fall Tour 2019
Jonathan Bree in 2023
Photo credit: Chelsea Nikkel
Princess Chelsea's 2018 European tour, with the group outside a rehearsal studio in Gdansk, Poland. From left: Crystal Choi, Chelsea Nikkel, Leonard McMullen, Jonathan Bree, Joshua Worthington-Church, David Harris.
Jonathan Bree, Princess Chelsea - Destiny (2022)
Jonathan Bree - Politics (2023)
Jonathan Bree - In The Sunshine (2020)
Jonathan Bree - A Little Night Music (Lil' Chief Records, 2015)
Jonathan Bree in 2023
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Jonathan Bree - After the Curtains Close (Lil' Chief Records, 2020)
Jonathan Bree performing in Switzerland.
Photo credit: Myriam Hansen
Jonathan Bree's band, 2023
Photo credit: Vladislav Steinbauer

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