Jan Hellriegel

Jan Hellriegel likes to do things her own way. She has enjoyed the high profile that comes with a national hit single, a pair of major label albums, television appearances in high-rating dramas and commercials.

None of this stopped her walking away from the spotlight when she felt she had better things to do. And when, after almost a decade, she felt like making music again, she did.

Mountain Rock Festival, January 1993
Jan Hellriegel, Eddie Rayner and Neil Baldock at Roundhead Studios, Auckland, 2009
Promoter Louise Hunter and Jan Hellriegel
Nightline interview with Jan Hellriegel (1990)
Jan Hellriegel - No Idea (from It's My Sin)
Jan Hellriegel - Geraldine (from Tremble)
Jan Hellriegel - 2 x 2 (from All Grown Up)
Jan Hellriegel on Xena: Warrior Princess
Wayne Bell and Jan Hellriegel on her 1992 New Zealand tour
1995 Warner Music publicity shot, used by several magazines both in NZ and in Australia
The 1992 press advert for It's My Sin
Jan Hellriegel, taken for the Venus Is Dead single, 2013
Photo credit: Photo by Martin Brown
The backing chorus lineup for 2009's Goodbye Adieu
Love and Conviction, 2019
A page from a 1992 Fashion Quarterly feature
Jan Hellriegel on RNZ's NZ Live, 23 August 2019
Jan Hellriegel, 1992
Rip It Up September 1992
The Jan Hellriegel band in 1991 at Auckland's Airforce Studios recording It's My Sin: Wayne Bell, Mark Petersen (rear), Tony Lumsden (front), Neil Baldock, Mark Bell and producer Nick Morgan
Jan Hellriegel with Cassandra's Ears
1993 Jan Hellriegel press release
Publicity shot for for 1999's Melusine single
Photo credit: Photo by Marissa Findlay
Jan Hellriegel - Viva Voce (live at the Gluepot 1990)
Jan Hellriegel - Manic (Is A State of Mind) - from Tremble
At Mountain Studios in Tauranga, the It's My Sin band - from rear: Jan Hellriegel, Tony Lumsden, Mark Petersen, Wayne Bell. Missing is Mark Bell.
Jan Hellriegel, 1995
Jan Hellriegel, Rip It Up June 1995 cover shoot by Alan Drain.
A mid-1990s Warner Music publicity shot
Cassandra's Ears - Silver Sheen (1988)
Rip It Up June 1995. Cover photo by Alan Drain.
Jan Hellriegel, Rip It Up June 1995 cover shoot by Alan Drain.
Rip It Up writer Donna Yuzwalk and Jan Hellriegel in the mid-90s
Jan Hellriegel on Xena: Warrior Princess
Jan Hellriegel, 1992
Jan on the stage of the first Auckland Big Day Out, 1994
Tremble publicity shot
It's My Sin, Jan's debut album released in 1992
Jan Hellriegel - Bottom Of My Heart (Cherry)
The primary publicity shot used for the 1992 album It's My Sin
Jan Hellriegel
Jan Hellriegel - Misadventure (live on MTV NZ)
Jan Hellriegel - Melusine
Proof sheet from the 1999 Melusine shoot
Photo credit: Photos by Marissa Findlay
The All Grown Up show at the Civic Wintergarden in October 2009
Photo credit: Photo by Michelle Cutelli-Male
Polaroid of Jan during the 1999 Melusine video shoot
Jan Hellriegel, 1990
The Radio One production studio staff, 1987: Brendon FItzgibbon, Jan Hellriegel, and Mike Stoodley
Jan Hellriegel at the October 2009 All Grown Up show at the Civic Wintergarden
Photo credit: Photo by Michelle Cutelli-Male
Jan Hellriegel - Sentimental Fool
Jan Hellriegel with Mark de Clive-Lowe on Waiheke
The band at Auckland's Airforce Studios in Eden Terrace to record It's My Sin in 1991 with J.D. Souther: Mark Bell, Tony Lumsden, J.D. Souther and Mark Petersen
Jan Hellriegel
A shot used for the cover of More Magazine, 1995
A polaroid from the shoot for cover of 1997's Sentimental Fool single
Jan Hellriegel at Riverhead Festival
Jan Hellriegel - Filled Me Up (Live at the Wintergarden, October 22, 2009 at the launch of All Grown Up)
Jan Hellriegel's second album Tremble, from 1995
Jan Hellriegel - Burger Generation (live at the Gluepot 1990)
From a 1995 More magazine photoshoot
Jan Hellriegel - It's My Sin
Jan Hellriegel.
Photo credit: Kendal Simich
The Tremble release party at Squid in Auckland's O'Connell Street
From a More magazine photo shoot, 1995
Jan Hellriegel - Waves (live at the Gluepot 1990)
A polaroid from the shoot for cover of 1997's Sentimental Fool single
Jan Hellriegel on Debbie Harwood's 2007 Classic Hits radio series Give It A Girl
Jan filming a Ford advert, 1996
Photo credit: Jan Hellriegel collection
Jan Hellriegel in 1992-3, during a period where she was briefly blonde
Jan Hellriegel solo in Melbourne in the 1990s
The lyrics to 10 Years And 47 Minutes
Jan Hellriegel during the recording of Sportsman of the Year, 2018
Jan Hellriegel, March 1995
Photo credit: Photo by Paul Elliott
Producer Daniel Denholm and Jan Hellriegel in the mid-90s
Jan Hellriegel - The Way I Feel (1992)
Jan Hellriegel, 1992
Jan Hellriegel on her 1992 New Zealand tour
Jan Hellriegel - Pure Pleasure (from Tremble)
Jan Hellriegel, 2nd from left, with Walking With Walt, Chingford Park, Dunedin 1986
Photo credit: James Dignan collection
The WEA poster for 1992's It's My Sin album

In 1999 the Greg Churchill remix of Melusine became a substantial Auckland club and dance radio hit and was placed on several club compilations



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