The Instigators – Ed Geddes (vocals, sax), Sonya Waters (keyboards, vocals), Tarewai Wesley (bass), Eddie Olsen (drums) and Tom Rothsey (guitar) – were a hard touring Auckland ska/punk group, whose first single release 'Not Really Bad' arrived in 1981 after winning Battle of the Bands.

Rip It Up reviewer Francis Stark wrote of the single: “The Instigators’ Battle of the Bands’ prize of studio time was overseen by the Blams’ Don McGlashan and these two tracks are the result. ‘Not Really Bad’ and ‘In Line’ are both dense, with something of the Pop Mechanix about them. ‘Bad’ wins out on the strength of its vocal.” (Rip It Up issue 50, September 1981)

Sonya Waters.
Photo credit: Photo by Bryan Staff
Instigators - Hope She's Alright (Ripper, 1982)
The Not The 1978 Tour lineup - The Instigators with Andrew Boak (No Tag), Eric Marsden (Androidss), Nick Hanson (Spelling Mistakes) and Yoh (Screaming Meemees), 1982
The Instigators.
Photo credit: Sonya Waters Collection
The Instigators
The Instigators first lineup: Tarewai Wesley, Sonya Waters, Ed Geddes and Eddie Olsen
Photo credit: Sonya Waters archive
The Instigators at Sweetwaters, 1982.
Photo credit: Photo by Gordon William Bartram
'Hope She's Alright' - Rob Mayes Collection
Instigators, L to R: Sonya Waters, Tom Rothsey, Eddie Olsen.
Photo credit: Sonya Waters Collection
1982 Canterbury University Orientation gig, with Desperate Measures, Instigators and Riot 111
Sonya Waters, Instigators, early 80s.

Don McGlashan produced The Instigators first single Not Really Bad for Ripper Records in 1981.

Sonya Waters released a solo EP No Pain through Ripper Records in 1983. She is a music teacher in Auckland and has played in Fang and White Swan Black Swan.


Ed Geddes - sax, vocals

Sonya Waters - keyboards, vocals

Tarewai Wesley - bass

Eddie Olsen - drums

Tom Rothsey - guitar



Sonya Waters performing with the Instigators at Sweetwaters, 1982.

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