Garner Wayne

In the 1960s a song about loveless chickens seemed to cluck out of the radio every morning. Garner Wayne’s ‘Love In A Fowlhouse’ was utterly original, and with its “bwuck bwuck bwuck” chorus, unforgettable.

Wayne had served a long apprenticeship since he became hooked on country music in the early 1930s. Born in 1920, he grew up in Canterbury and first became aware of the genre through the cowboy films of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.

Hoghton Hughes with top selling country star Garner Wayne.
Photo credit: Hoghton Hughes collection
Advertisement for country albums available from Hoghton Hughes' Music World label.
Photo credit: Hoghton Hughes collection
Municipal Theatre, Napier, December 1966: "Garner Wayne, Country and Western singer, turns on a bright smile as he signs for two of his fans," reported the Hawke's Bay Photo News
Photo credit: Hawke's Bay Photo News
Garner Wayne’s Country Style LP (Viking, 1962), taken at Ōnawe Peninsular, Akaroa Peninsular. Photo by George Kohlap.
Garner Wayne  – the Canterbury Kid – with John Harper
1966 EP on the Viking label, themed around the Fowlhouse and Garner's 1964 hit 'Love In A Fowlhouse'
Garner Wayne


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