Economic Wizards

Named after self-styled “economic wizard” Robert Muldoon, Prime Minister from 1975 to 1984, the Economic Wizards were one of the few overtly political bands to have emerged in New Zealand. Not content with aiming their lyrical barbs at “Piggy” Muldoon, they blew up his papier-mâché effigy on stage shortly before he was voted out of office in July 1984.

Formed in 1982, the Wizards were known for their zany humour, razor-sharp satirical lyrics, and a sound that one columnist described as “the most lunatic R&B you’ll ever hear” (Helen Collett, “Band Stand”, TOM, 22 June 1984).

Economic Wizards Lois Flange and Jim Steel enjoy a cold one at Bethells Beach
Photo credit: Matthew McKee
In the Gecko: Economic Wizards' Jim Steel, from TOM Wellington Arts and Entertainment, Nov-Dec 1984
The Economic Wizards live at The Gluepot, 1983
Starve the Lizards ... It's the Economic Wizards - 12" EP produced by Alastair Dougal and Steve Buckland (Eelman Records, 1984). Cover art Guy Tarrant.
Economic Wizards promise “surf-punk-blues fun, aprés yacht laughs” over Anniversary Weekend 1985 at the Streets Ahead café, Symonds St, Auckland.
In health lies wealth: the Economic Wizards, Tepid Baths, Auckland, 1984 (L-R): Andrew Campbell (Rev), John Lowe (Lois Flange), Landy Brockie, Jim Steel, and John Brockie.
Photo credit: Matthew McKee
Economic Wizards, Tepid Baths, Auckland, 1984 (L-R): Rev (Andrew Campbell), John Lowe (Lois Flange), Jim Steel, John Brockie, Landy Brockie.
Photo credit: Matthew McKee
Exiles at Mainstreet: Wellington's Pelicans - with Andrew "Clyde" Clouston - and the Economic Wizards, record release party, January 1985.
Economic Wizards: poster by John Brockie for a season at Wellington's Cricketers Arms, April 1984. 
Economic Wizards - The Second Coming (Eelman Records 12" EP, 1986). Artwork by Paddy Neville aka Jim Steel. 
Triple Eelman record launch at Clyde Quay, Wellington, 1984: The Pelicans’ Krazy Legs, Andrew “Clyde” Clouston’s The Bag (Funky Barp) and Starve the Lizards!! … It’s the Economic Wizards!
Economic Wizards at Auckland waterfront, 1984 (L-R): Landy Brockie, Flange (John Lowe), Jim Steel, Andrew Campbell, John Brockie.
Photo credit: Matthew McKee
The Economic Wizards' Jim Steel (far right) with, from left, Mike Gubb, Rick Bryant, Fiona McDonald, and an unidentified guitarist.
Photo credit: Matthew McKee
Back cover of the Starve the Lizards ... It’s The Economic Wizards 12" EP (Eelman, 1984), designed by Jim Steel.
Economic Wizards at Khyber Pass, Auckland, 1984 (L-R): John Brockie, Jim Steel, John Lowe (aka Lois Flange), Landy Brockie, Rev (Andrew Campbell), Joanna Clouston. 
Photo credit: Matthew McKee
The Pelicans and Economic Wizards, Mainstreet, Auckland, January 1985
Economic Wizards, Tepid Baths, Auckland, 1984 (L-R): Andrew Campbell (Rev), John Lowe (Lois Flange), Jim Steel, John Brockie, Landy Brockie. 
Photo credit: Matthew McKee

Paddy Neville - vocals

Landy Brockie - guitar

John Brockie - bass

John Lowe - drums

Andrew Campbell - harmonica

Joanna Clouston - vocals

Katie Brockie - vocals

Leisa Matthews - vocals

Buzz Worley - vocals



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