Dennis Marsh

By the end of 2018 Māori entertainer Dennis Marsh had completed 30 albums. That’s one for every year he’s been on the road, performing and singing songs from an impressive catalogue of favourites that have made him New Zealand’s best-selling country artist.

Marsh was initially snubbed by record companies, distributors and radio stations, so he funded his own tapes and CDs from his performances and work in the building trade, selling them at markets, concerts and music outlets. By his late 60s he had achieved 13 gold and six platinum albums, racking up multiple best male artist of the year titles (2008, 2009, 2013) along with best-selling country artist (2007) and NZ country music legend award in 2011, the same year he was inducted into the Golden Guitar Awards Hands of Fame and the NZ Walk of Fame at the Boulevard of Stars in Orewa.

Dennis Marsh first picked up the guitar in his late teens, while a building apprentice living at a United Māori Mission hostel in Auckland. 
Dennis Marsh on stage.
Dennis Marsh with Scotty Turner, Woodland Studio, Nashville.
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh interview, Te Karere, 2011
Brendan Dugan with Sony recording artist Dennis Marsh. The pair began touring a two-man show in 2014.
Dennis Marsh on a Norfolk Island stamp, 2013, marking the 20th anniversary of the Norfolk Island Country Music Festival.
Dennis Marsh sings Ten Guitars on RNZ, December 2018.
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh and band, Waiuku, 1999. From left: Brian Thompson, Richard Diaz, Dennis Marsh, Robbie Katipa Jr, Tom Paul, and Alf Williams.
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh with squeeze box, 2017. 
Dennis Marsh with Tom Sharplin, 6 June 2014.
Dennis Marsh - Land of the Long White Cloud - 2009 Awards night of the Variety Artists of New Zealand at the Sorrento convention centre, Auckland.
Dennis Marsh
At the Kaiaua Wine and Seafood Festival, from left: Eddie Low, Dennis Marsh, and Toni Williams. 
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
Ngā Pātītī Maota o te Kāinga - First Episode (2004)
Dennis Marsh.
Dennis Marsh selling CDs at Frankton markets.
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh in 1979 with the Living Bread group meeting Governor-General Sir Keith Holyoake (right), prior to a Youth for Christ singing tour of the Philippines.
Dennis Marsh - How Great Thou Art - 2009 Awards night of the Variety Artists of New Zealand at the Sorrento convention centre, Auckland.
Dennis Marsh as DJ; for two years he hosted the Country Drive Time Show on Radio Waatea.
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh, at back, with Youth For Christ group Living Bread, late 1970s.
Dennis Marsh
Dennis Marsh and Ben Tawhiti.
Photo credit: Yvonne Marsh collection
Four Benny award winners and other friends celebrate Eddie Low's 70th birthday, Cambridge, 2015. From left: Gray Bartlett, Brendan Dugan, Dennis Marsh, Eddie Low, Kim Willoughby, and Tom Sharplin; at right are three of Rusty Greaves's 14 children: Michelle, Kevin and Lex.
Photo credit: Gray Bartlett collection
Dennis Marsh, front row centre, with fellow musicians. 
Dennis Marsh meets a young fan in Clareville, 2015.


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