Deane Waretini

aka Adrian Waretini

Adrian Waretini always suspected his father – Deane Waretini – was something special because of the way people reacted to him. Which didn’t make sense at all because his son only knew him as a labourer, hardly the stuff of legend.

It wasn’t until two years after his dad’s death that Adrian finally understood his family’s place in New Zealand music history. In 1927 Waretini senior – along with his cousin Ana Hato – sang on the first Māori recording to be released in New Zealand, in the process popularising one of the taonga of our musical heritage, ‘Pōkarekare Ana’.

Deane Waretini's CBS album from 1981.
The film hit 'Born Free' was the B-side of 'Tarawera Eruption', released by Deane Waretini in 1986. 
On the cover of 'Tarawera Eruption' (1986), by members of the Tuhourangi Hapu, it says "one can hear the haunting melody of this waiata (song) by the famous duo, Dean Waretini and Ana Ana Hato, descendants of Tuhourangi". The song was performed by Deane Waretini and Putiputi Tonihi. 
Deane Waretini - 'The Bridge' (CBS, 1980)
Deane Waretini - The Bridge (1981)
Deane Waretini - 'The Bridge' (Innovation, 1980)
Deane Waretini - 'Ethos' (CBS, 1980)
Deane Waretini - 'Tarawera Eruption 86'
Deane Waretini - 'Ethos' (CBS, 1981)
The back cover of Deane Waretini's self-titled album, released in 1981 in the wake of the success of 'The Bridge'. 
Deane Waretini - 'The Bridge' (CBS, 1980)
Deane Waretini with the Rising Stars - 'Luckenback Texas', the b-side of 'The Bridge', was originally a hit for Waylon Jennings (CBS, 1980)
Deane Waretini, (left) with Andrei Frolov, his co-star in the 2012 TV series Now is the Hour.
Photo credit: Maori Television
E Pari-Ra was recorded by Ana Hato and Deane Waretini [senior] at the Sydney studios of EMI in 1930. This copy dates from the late 1930s.
Photo credit: Simon Grigg collection
In 'Now is the Hour' (2012) Deane Waretini played a taxi driver wanting to revive his short-lived career as a pop singer. 
Photo credit: Scottie Productions
Deane Waretini - 'Po Atu Rau / Now Is The Hour' (CBS, 1981)
Deane Waretini with the Rising Stars - 'Luckenback Texas' (Innovation, 1980)
Deane Waretini, 'Now is the Hour', 2012
Photo credit: Scottie Productions
'Tarawera Eruption' was released in 1986 to mark the centenary of the event that killed up to 150 people, mostly Maori. The disc was dedicated to the people of Tuhourangi. 
Traile for Now Is The Hour starring Deane Waretini



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