Bressa Creeting Cake

aka Breast Secreting Cake

Breast Secreting Cake formed in 1991 and had a string of self-produced hits on bFM before signing to Flying Nun Records as Bressa Creeting Cake and, in 1997, releasing their self-titled debut album.

Edmund McWilliams first met Geoff Maddock in art class at Avondale College. Geoff was listening to REM and Tears For Fears at the time, and just beginning to learn guitar. Ed was listening to punk rock, and had already been in two bands, Egz and The Gutter Wizards. Drummer Joel Wilton came to their attention playing a Poison cover in a group at a school talent quest. Even then Joel was an eclectic musician, always searching for new sounds and rhythms. The trio embarked on a singular musical adventure into a weird world all their own. 

Bressa Creeting Cake, L to R: Geoff Creeting, Joel Bressa, Edmund Cake
Photo credit: Photo by Bridget Jones
Bressa Creeting Cake - Papa People (1997)
Bressa Creeting Cake.
Bressa Creeting Cake - Palm Singing (199)
Bressa Creeting Cake's self-titled 1997 album was re-released 20 years later as a double-vinyl set

Flying Nun


Edmund Cake - vocals, guitar

Geoff Maddock - vocals, bass

Joel Wilton - drums


Geoff Maddock had another project between BCC and Goldenhorse. The delightfully-named General Hen were a Geoff-driven project that recorded some unreleased material.

Apart from managing Bressa Creeting Cake, Michael Keating also looked after Sugar and Spice, the comedy duo comprised of Jason Hoyte and Jonathan Brugh. He went on to manage Anna Coddington’s bands as well as Goldenhorse.

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