Wayne Roland Brown Profile

Keith Newman
4 Nov 2015

New Zealand raised, Nashville based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and one-time opal miner Wayne Roland Brown has recorded 15 albums and had his share of hits and misses.

Wayne Roland Brown is the epitome of the travelling minstrel, educating people about different cultural and musical expressions in a career that has taken him to 34 countries over the past 40 years. Along the way he collected and learned to play a vast number of musical instruments, worked with some of the industry’s best musicians and producers and only narrowly escaped the fame that he once eagerly pursued.

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Fools And Pretenders, the second album on RCA, 1981
Wayne Roland Brown with some of his exotic collection of instruments, 1990s
An early start for multi-instrumentalist Wayne Roland Brown
2007's One Song All Seasons
Wayne Roland Brown
Wayne Roland Brown's debut album, from early 1975
Wayne Roland Brown playing the didgeridoo at the club/listening room, 12th and Porter, Nashville, Tennesee. The bass player is his good friend, Dave Pomeroy and the percussionist is Sam Bacco. Both have played on all of the CDs that Wayne produced in the US since 1980.
The 1980 album Stealer Of Hearts
Wayne Roland Brown at the club/listening room, 12th and Porter, Nashville, Tennesee.
The second album for Strange, Fast Mover, from late 1975
Wayne Roland Brown's 2011 album Lightning Ridge And The Ballad of Johny Jones

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