The Hulamen Profile

Murray Cammick
22 Nov 2013

As the teen soul band, the Rodents faltered in 1981, members of the band were already participating in Willis St practice room jams (in the YMCA building) that would evolve into The Hulamen.

Non-Rodents in the new band included bassist Paul "Mac" MacAllister, guitarist Stephen Jessup (ex Rough Justice), vocalist Marion Spencer and saxophonist Peter Famularo.

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Tim Bollinger’s eclectic artwork for the first release on John Niland’s Wellington-based Eelman Records label. With just seven tracks the album was referred to on the sleeve as an Eel.P! This cover by Tim, brother of author/blogger/musician/broadcaster Nick, set the tone for the design on all 12 Eelman releases, done in the main by Tim, Wellington artist Debra Bustin, and Hulamen saxophonist Andrew Clouston.
Tim Robinson, Gerry Moran (holding the mic), John McDougall and Steve Jessup (on guitars)
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David Armstrong - trumpet

Andrew Clouston - tenor sax, baritone sax

Andrew Cross - drums

Peter Famularo - tenor sax, alto sax, congas

Stephen Jessup - guitar

Paul "Mac" MacAllister - bass

Marion Spencer - vocals

John McDougall - guitar

John Niland - piano, organ, clavinet

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