The Henchmen Profile

Andrew Schmidt
16 May 2013

Underappreciated but never underproductive, West Auckland punks The Henchmen had grit and belief. They played and recorded when and where they could, releasing We’ve Come To Play, one of the great New Zealand punk rock albums, in 1983.

There are some things you don’t do without expecting some kind of menace. Like invoke the spirit of Iggy Pop. But invoke Iggy’s spirit they did and whatever pact The Henchmen signed with punk’s dark prince, it ensured the West Auckland Detroit-punk outfit were never forgotten. 

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Mysterex #1
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Lust For Glory compilation (2001)
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We've Come To Play
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The Reptiles at Dawn
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The Grim Relics LP, 1989
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The Reptiles At Dawn's Dressed In Flesh LP from 1988
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Walk Don't Run
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Death Machine single (1985)
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The Henchmen’s Tony Collins and Anthony Norman attended Rutherford High School in Auckland’s western suburb, Te Atatu. Rutherford High is one of the city’s best known rock and roll high schools having already produced The La De Da's.

The Dum Dum Boys and Henchmen records are now seriously collectable, fetching in excess of $1000 each on Ebay when they are sold - which is not often.

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Anthony Norman - guitar

Tony Collins - vocals

Jeremy Chunn - bass

Rowan Shedden - guitar

Billy Williams - drums

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Cadaver Records