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The Chills (Peter Gutteridge, Alan Haig)

The Clean (Peter Gutteridge, David Kilgour)

The Great Unwashed (Peter Gutteridge, David Kilgour)

The Puddle (Peter Gutteridge)

The Verlaines (Alan Haig)

The 3Ds (Dominic Stones)

Bird Nest Roys (Dominic Stones)

Toy Love (Mike Dooley)

The Enemy (Mike Dooley)

The Pop Art Toasters (Mike Dooley)

The Snares (Mike Dooley, Maxine Funke)

The $100 Band (Mike Dooley, Maxine Funke)

Chug (Alan Haig)

The Heavy Eights (David Kilgour, Alan Haig, Thomas Bell)

The Delawares (Christine Voice)

Thought Creature (Danny Brady)

Bad Sav (Hope Robertson)

Palace at 4 a.m. (Thomas Bell)

Stephen (David Kilgour)

Cloudboy (Demarnia Lloyd)

Mink (Demarnia Lloyd)

Sferic Experiment (Chris Heazlewood)

Olla (Chris Heazlewood)

King Loser (Celia Pavlova, Chris Heazlewood)

Stepford 5 (Celia Pavlova)

The Gordons (Brent McLachlan – producer of Shotgun Blossom)

Bailter Space (Brent McLachlan)

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