Scruff Profile

aka Peter Ralph
John Dix
23 Oct 2014

For three decades, Scruff – real name Peter Lindsay Ralph – was the NZ music industry's favourite bouncer. Familiar to most major NZ acts, he toured with everyone from The La De Da’s to DD Smash to 8 Foot Sativa.

As a personal minder he mixed with an array of international stars, including David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Tina Turner. Debbie Harry flashed her breasts at him, Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics gave him a five-figure bonus, U2, UB40 and The Stranglers offered him off-shore employment. And Dr Feelgood's Lee Brilleaux wanted to remain in New Zealand, just to hang out with him.

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Three members of The Sick Crew, all now deceased - from left: Steve Kahuta aka Foot, Laurie Bell and Scruff
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Scruff talks with Harvindar Singh
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Poster for Scruff's 2012 photograhic exhibition 
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Scruff with Tommy Ferguson and Maori Hi-Five founder Ike Mete-Kingi, Stranded In Paradise launch, November 2005
Photo credit: Photo by Keith Newman
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Scruff, two weeks before he passed away
Photo credit: Photo by Allan Johnston
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Scruff in the 1980s
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Hero thumb blink and camp s most recognisable securtiy guard scruff  calh 2008
Blink and Camp A Low Hum's most recognisable security guard
Photo credit: Photo by Ian Jorgensen
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Scruff with Dave Dobbyn, mid-1980s
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Scruff and John Dix, Levin 1999
Hero thumb scruff and jodie
Scruff with granddaughter Jodie
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