Sara-Jane Auva'a Profile

aka Sara-Jane, Sara-Jane Elika, Pacific Soul, The Artistry
Gareth Shute
29 Nov 2019

Sara-Jane Auva’a has multiple awards and gold-selling albums to her name, both as a solo artist and as part of the group Pacific Soul. This has made her a star within the Polynesian music scene in Aotearoa, even if she hasn’t always received the respect she richly deserves outside these circles.

Her subsequent work in music education, event management, and media have shown her heartfelt desire to push Pacific music forward at every opportunity.

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Sara-Jane Auva'a at the Pacific Divas event 2019.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Sara-Jane Auva'a, c. 2018
Pacific Soul - Alright, featuring Sara-Jane Auva'a, 2002.
Sara-Jane - Classic Christmas Songs
Sara-Jane - Leafaitulagi
Sara-Jane, Aaradhna and Bella Kalolo, Pacific Divas event, Auckland, November 2019.
Photo credit: Gareth Shute
Sara-Jane Auva'a.
Photo credit: Rachel Marie Vernal
Sara-Jane (2004)
Pacific Divas, featuring Sara-Jane, Bella Kalolo, Aaradhna, Betty-Anne Monga, Annie Crummer and others; November 2019.
Sara-Jane - You Are
Sara-Jane Auva'a
Pacific Soul - Alright

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