Murray and Fred Loveridge Profile

Gavin Burgess
15 May 2020

Over six decades Whanganui brothers Murray and Fred Loveridge have been stalwarts of regional and national music with their input to bands such as Quincy Conserve, Captain Custard, The Web, Tanglefoot, The Alpha Gospel Band, Dance Party, Freddy and the Tearaways, The Zillionaires, The Lick, The Blues Buffet, and more.

Bassist Murray and guitarist Fred are two-thirds of a musical generation, their sister Sanchia being an accomplished vocalist. Fred recalls his parents being supportive of their musicianship. Their mother, Hinemoa, came from a musical family, with her brothers being “involved in the music scene in and around Taihape”. Their uncle, Rod Douglas, led a local dance band. Another uncle, a talented pianist, is celebrated by Murray in his song ‘My Uncle Ray’.

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Murray Loveridge - Travellin’ Man single
Nana's New Hip - Murray Loveridge, Johnny Quick, Stewy Elliott.
Freddy and The Tearaways – unreleased recordings
Murray Loveridge in an unused promo shot.
Dance Party at Castlecliff Hotel, Whanganui, mid-80s.
Under Construction 2nd line-up
The Zillionaires, late 90s. John Bilderbeck, Fred Loveridge, Craig Thurston.
Under Construction - 3rd Line-up
Quincy Conserve with Murray Loveridge on right.
The Zillionaires, late 1990s. From left to right: Dave Berryman, Murray Loveridge, Fred Loveridge, Craig Thurston.
Dance Party, mid-80s.
Dick Le Fort Trio, c 1968.
Murray Loveridge in Dick Le Fort Trio, 1968.
The Lick business card.
Blues Buffet - Soundtree Live – Season 2 Episode 13 – Feb 2014
Murray Loveridge.
Jazz Connection with Michael Barrymore second from left, 2004. Fred Loveridge in centre.
Dance Party poster.
The Clazzmatic Boogie Orchestra
"Happen Inn" at the Aramoho Boating Club – "Dress: Hippy." Music by The Web featuring Murray Loveridge.
Second lineup of Under Construction, 1990s. Fred Loveridge at right.
Dick Le Fort Trio – Day In The Life
Stille Ripple – My Uncle Ray (Polygram 1972). Written by Murray Loveridge and recorded at Sonic Recording Studios, Wellington.
The second lineup of Under Construction with Fred Loveridge at right.
Fred Loveridge performing at Whanganui Jazz Fest.
Dance Party Telequest performance
Dance Party reunion 2015
The Zillionaires - Git Yer Wah Wahs Out.
Murray Loveridge in The Web, c 1970.
Murray Loveridge.
Murray with The Gavin Burgess Band 1997
The Lick, mid-2000s. Fred Loveridge at left, Tim Davies on vocals.
Freddy and the Tearaways.
Fred Loveridge.
Supporting Jenny Morris, Whanganui, December 1989. 
Freddy and the Tearaways' final gig - Victoria Lake, Whanganui 1992.
Fred Loveridge - 2004 Promo CD
Fred Loveridge - Patience
Freddy and the Tearaways.
Stille Ripple – Loner Postponer single
Stille Ripple – Loner Postponer (Polygram 1972). Written by Murray Loveridge and recorded at Sonic Recording Studios, Wellington.
Blues Buffet – Slipstream Music Video 2013
Dusty Lovett - The H Song
Dance Party – unreleased recordings
Murray Loveridge - Going Public
Dick Le Fort trio, 1968, with Murray Loveridge on bass.
StilleRipple: Kevin Wickens, Murray Loveridge, Kemp Tuirirangi.
Shane, backed by the Web.
Fred Loveridge in Freddy and the Tearaways, early 1990s.
Murray Loveridge with Blues Buffet – National Jazz Festival, Tauranga 2010.
The Zillionaires, late 90s. From left: Fred Loveridge, Craig Thurston, Murray Loveridge, Dave Berryman.
Fred Loveridge.
Captain Custard – Murray Loveridge, Don Burke, Dave Alexander, Malcolm Hayman.
Murray Loveridge - Travellin' Man single.
Under Construction with Murray and Fred Loveridge at left - Happening Whangaehu Festival.
The Lick with Fred Loveridge at left, mid-2000s.
Murray Loveridge in The Web, c 1970.
The Lick - I See Through You
Brotherhood of Blues
The Zillionaires, late 90s – John Bilderbeck and Fred Loveridge with Philip Adams of Matrix Studio.
The Web, c 1970. From left to right: Murray Loveridge, Tony Roberts, Graeme Brown, Wayde Connell.
Quincy Conserve on the Brian Edwards-hosted television show Edwards On Saturday, March 1976.
Photo credit: Peter Blake collection
The Zillionaires – Git Ya Yah Yahs Out
Fred Loveridge in Alpha Gospel Band, c 1980.
Fred Loveridge in Under Construction, 1990s.
Murray Loveridge's pass to Avalon TV studios for an appearance on the Grunt Machine.

While still a schoolboy Murray auditioned for The Overlanders during their manager Bob Rod’s unsuccessful attempt to assemble a new line-up for his disintegrating band.


Murray Loveridge

Fred Loveridge