Kahu Pineaha Profile

Chris Bourke
3 Jan 2014

Versatility was Kahu Pineaha’s calling card. In the late 1950s, when Auckland’s cabaret scene began to hum, he was constantly in demand for solo shows, which soon revealed him to be as multi-talented as Sammy Davis Jr.

A comedian as well as an accomplished singer and instrumentalist, in 1960 Pineaha recorded his only album – I Hear Music – then left for Las Vegas, by way of Australia.

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Cyril Paea, Kahu Pineaha and John Raumati
Photo credit: Chris Bourke collection
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Kahu Pineaha's debut EP for Viking in 1959. He would follow it with another for the label before signing to Phil Warren's Prestige Records. Thereafter all releases would be on Prestige or Top Rank (Warren was a partner in that label).
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The 1960 album I Hear Music, Kahu's only long player.
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Kahu Pineaha and Eva Parata
Photo credit: Chris Bourke collection
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A young Tommy Adderley at the Pines, Wellington (far left), with cabaret performer Kahu Pineaha (in goatee), and the Garth Young Trio: Young in glasses, Bobby Little beside Pineaha, and Hymie Levin. At the front left is a Canadian bass player, Jimmie Wilson "who played there for some time when Slim was sacked by Pat McCashin," recalls Young. 
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Kahu with Dave Brubeck
Photo credit: Chris Bourke collection
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Did You Hear About Jerry
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In Gisborne as part of a 1959 Phil Warrren touring group: Kahu Pineaha, Simone, and Vince Callaher
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
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Kahu in Joy, August 3, 1959
Photo credit: Chris Bourke collection
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Millie Bradfield with cabaret artist Kahu Pineaha
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The ‘Kiss of Fire’ / ‘Did You Hear About Jerry?’ single was released all over the world, with copies turning up in Canada and various European countries

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