Goodnight Nurse Profile

Stephen Heard
19 Mar 2014

Goodnight Nurse formed in 2001 after bass player Paul Taite responded to a flyer placed in Auckland University bar Shadows by frontman Joel Little and drummer Jaden Parkes.

A pop-rock band with punk influences, they were often labelled as New Zealand's answer to US pop-punk bands such as Green Day and Blink-182. Their prolific live shows and playful, radio friendly singles resulted in a large and dedicated online following. From 2004 to 2008 the band had five singles in the NZ Top 40.

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Our Song
The Night
Sam McCarthy, Rowan Clarke, Joel Little and Jaden Parkes
Sam McCarthy, Jaden Parkes, Rowan Clarke, Joel Little
Lay With Me
Jaden Parkes, Rowan Clarke, Joel Little, Sam McCarthy
My Only
Goodnight Nurse - Death Goes To Disco
Jaden Parkes, Rowan Clarke, Sam McCarthy, Joel Little

Joel Little's mother, Trish Scott, was a founding guitarist in the famed New Zealand punk band The Suburban Reptiles in 1977


Joel Little - vocals, guitar

Jaden Parkes - drums, vocals

Paul Taite - bass, vocals

Sam McCarthy - guitar, vocals

Rowan Crowe - bass



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