Dave Hartstone Profile

Keith Newman
2 Oct 2016

When his bandmates returned home to New Zealand after 18 months of touring and recording in the UK, former Four Fours and Human Instinct guitarist Dave Hartstone went on to supply live mixing desks and sound systems that revolutionised big stadium and outdoor concerts throughout the UK and US.

Years earlier, Hartstone joined Tauranga band The Four Fours, who had a hit in 1965 with the instrumental ‘Theme From An Empty Coffee Lounge’. He used his electrical engineering skills to develop on-stage gimmickry such as mounting gooseneck microphones on the horns of their guitars, giving the band members freedom to roam the stage.

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The Four Fours with Dave Hartstone second from the left
Hero thumb hartstone at wheel
Dave Hartstone at the wheel of his charter yacht Taboo
Hero thumb ies hartstone
The IES truck at the Isle of Wight Festival, 1968
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Dave Hartstone
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The Four Fours - Theme From An Empty Coffee Lounge
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Hero thumb dave hartstone 44s kneeling
Dave Hartstone with The Four Fours
Hero thumb hatstoneukearly
Dave Hartstone with The Human Instinct in the UK, circa 1967
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The Heil IES front of house MAVIS desks with The Who’s Next tour
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Hero thumb hartwardbt
Dave Hartstone and Frank Hay with The Four Fours
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