Breaks Co-Op Profile

Peter McLennan
12 May 2013

Breaks Co-Op was formed (as Breaks Cooperative) in 1997 by Auckland rapper and producer Zane Lowe, following the demise of his previous group, hip-hop crew Urban Disturbance.

Lowe hooked up with Hamish Clark, aka Hame (ex-Christchurch crew Beats N Pieces), who had collaborated on a track on Urban Disturbance’s sole album, 37 Degrees Lattitude. Signing to Kane Massey’s Deepgrooves label, the pair finished recording their debut album Roofers in May 1997, two days before they both moved to the UK. It wasn't a sales success, failing to chart (the single 'Sound Advice' reached No.39) but the reviews were strong and the album was played heavily by student radio.

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Sound Advice
The Otherside
Such The Spot
The Otherside - Top of the Pops (2006)
Place For You
Andy Lovegrove, Hamish Clark, Zane Lowe
Settle Down
Moment In Time (2014)

In 2005 Elton John said: “My favourite album at the moment is by a New Zealand three-piece called Breaks Co-Op.”


Zane Lowe

Hamish Clark

Chris Tubbs

Andy Lovegrove