Malcolm Hayman – known to a generation as "The Voice" – has long been regarded as one of our greatest soul and jazz vocalists. Almost three decades after his far too early passing in 1988 people still talk with awe of the man that led The Soundells, The Quincy Conserve and Captain Custard.

Jackie Matthews was married to Malcolm and has shared her photo collection with AudioCulture. Among the images here you'll see unique and very early shots of Malcolm as a young man with various bands – he began playing in 1956 at age 15, before heading off to Australia. Upon his return he formed The Soundells, and then, in 1967, The Quincy Conserve who would last until 1975.

Also among these images are various other bands and musicians of the era. The name of the photographers are mostly lost.


Malcolm Hayman with The Fireflies around 1960. The singer second from left is Andrea Tarawa, with Cheryl Rapira third from right.


The Hi-Five Mambo in Wellington around 1960. Left to righ: Kawana Pohe, Ike Mete Kingi, Robbie Hemi Te Miha, "King" Solomon Pohatu, in front Paul Witika.


Malcolm Hayman (left) and the Hi-Quinns, with Ben Ngata, Little George Andrews, W. Rongonui and Bob Barnes, year unknown


A very young Malcolm Hayman, top right


Paul Walden


Malcolm Hayman, 1965


Malcolm Hayman and a band that included members of The Breakaways at a Rock And Roll Marathon in 1965, Midge Marsden is on the left and the bassist is Robbie Woodman, a photographer and dooman at The Sorrento. On the right, the saxophonist is remembered as George, surname unknown.


Lou and Simon at The Downtown Club, Wellington, circa 1966


Singer Christine Barnett backed by The Soundells at the Downtown Club, circa 1966 with Malcolm Hayman to the left


Malcolm Hayman with The Soundells, The Downtown Club, 1966: Warren Potter, Malcolm, Leo George and Ria Kere Kere


Lew Pryme backed by The Soundells at The Downtown Club, Wellington, circa 1966. Lani Love to the right.


Quincy Conserve in 1968: Denys Mason, John McCormick, Refus Rehu, Malcolm Hayman, Raice McLeod, Kevin Furey and Dave Orams


Quincy Conserve at Wellington's Downtown Club, circa 1969


Ray Woolf at The Downtown Club, backed by The Quincy Conserve


Malcolm Hayman and Raice McLeod


Johnny McCormick with Quincy Conserve at The Downtown Club, circa 1969


Headband at Ali Baba's, Cuba Street, 1971: Billy Kristian, Jimmy Hill, Dick Hopp, Tommy Adderley and Alan Quinnell


In the mid 1970s: Paul Clayton, Murray Loveridge, Tom Swainson (front), Peter Blake (behind Tom), Rodger Fox, Richard Holden (manager of NZ Breweries music circuit), Bill Brown, Geoffrey Culverwell, Bill's son with Malcolm Hayman in the front.

Remembering Malcolm Hayman