Tony Peake Profile

Andrew Schmidt
22 Oct 2013

Tony Peake was an outsider, an Australian who liked punk rock and heavy Jamaican dub. What the hell was he doing taking punk Christchurch by scruff of the neck in the late 1970s and 1980s?

Changing it for the better – it seems – by pioneering Garden city punk with The Vandals and catching the moment with The Newtones, before letting loose Afrika Bambaataa, roots and dub reggae on Radio U show Blue Monday and at Zanzibar, one of the city’s first post-punk dance clubs. All the while seeding the city’s air and imaginations with imported music from his University Bookshop lair.

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Androidss, Newtones, Playthings, Ritchie Venus @ The Gladstone
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The Newtones with soundman, Fred Kramer. L to R: Graeme Van Der Colk, Mark Brooks, Fred Kramer, Tony Peake
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The Vandals in rehearsal in Christchurch before being filmed for Radio With Pictures, 1978
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The Newtones - Graeme Van Der Colk, Mark Brooks, Tony Peake
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Tony Peake in the late 1970s
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Tony Peake
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The Newtones - Paint The Town Red
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The Newtones head south
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The Newtones – Mark Brooks, Graeme Van Der Colk, Tony Peake
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Newtones Music


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In 1978 The Scavengers asked Tony to come to Auckland to replace departing singer Mike Lezbian. Tony came north, stayed for a while then declined and went back to Christchurch.

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